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News 8/23/2019

Freddie Connor produces and directs TV series Emigre, which stars Chuku Modu, Mathilde Dehaye and Jacinta Sherris. The series filmed in New York City in August 2019. 

Emigre is a new 6-part drama series with the star from The Good Doctor, which deals with the topic of immigration and sex trafficking in New York. 

Scott Fulton MacCallum and Caroline Lees wrote the project and based on the strength of the script, the production managed to secure a high profile cast and experienced crew. The show will be released in 2020. Watch this space for further updates!


Baseline has sold to 16 different countries so far including: Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. For a full updated list please refer to as negotiations are ongoing for release in further countries/territories.

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